Fast paced combat oriented procedural dungeons, which will test your skills and abilities.

Dungeon Entrances are found in different places all around Overworlds.

There are several dungeon types:

Dungeons are separated into Tier I-IV by hardness and length, also by theme and biome type. Each theme dungeon has a different challenge at the end of the dungeon which when successfully passed rewards you by fragments required to enter Mother Dungeons among other things such as experience and currency or an item chest.

Mother Dungeons
Mother Dungeons are maze-like dungeons with intricate paths to follow, choosing from four different ways to go you will eventually stumble upon an Obelisk – which will provide you with a Timestone needed to open the Boss Gates on each Overworld.
There are four Timestones required per Act/Overworld.

Encounter Dungeons
Special encounters are portals found at random in regular dungeons. Choosing to go that route, you will need to successfully finish one of the encounters which will lead you to the Miniboss Arena.

Miniboss Arenas
Hard challenges which have greater chance of dropping certain item types.

Boss Arenas
Each overworld has a unique Boss Arena. Upon defeating a boss, among other things, you acquire an item that grants you access to the next Overworld.

Guardian Arenas
Special levels with unique Miniboss Guardians that guard certain unique items which improve your traversal abilities.

End of Time Dungeons
Endgame Mechanic. (more info later*)