Dungeon-crawling Action RPG set in Weird Fiction. Play as one of the merciless rats, explore a strange world and fight through hordes of monsters as you try to uncover its mysteries. Mutate, upgrade, loot & shoot and appease the Need For Cheese.

Loot, Shoot, Upgrade – Repeat

Enjoy a simple but proven formula with a unique twist.


Explore a weird wasteland full of surprises, traverse the undergrounds, overarching overworlds, dungeons and caves. Use tunnels, teleporters, elevators and platforms to find your way across the vastness of the three Act’s overworlds.

Fast Paced Combat

Engage in fast paced combat, use weapons, skills and abilities while managing your energy and resources in a never-ending shootout loop.


Upgrade your character through one of the terminals in your base. Loot a variety of different items and use them to improve your characters performance.

Unique Monsters

Fight hordes of regular, elite and unique monsters.

Boss Fights

Figure out a way to beat each Act’s final Boss to progress the story and gain extra abilities.

Handcrafted World

Wander and explore a handcrafted world to find all sorts of areas, dungeon entrances, secrets, items, upgrades, vendors and much more.

Procedural Dungeons

Fight your way through a variety of dungeon layouts and biomes, generated in a combination of predetermined and procedural content.

Multiple Characters

Play as one of four different classes with various play-styles. Use unique weapons, skill-trees and upgrades fitting for each class.

Build Variety

Choose skills and upgrades your character uses to fight and cater your build for every occasion.

Unraveling a Mystery

Enjoy a thought-provoking story wrapped up in a mysterious setting and an unknown world.

Adaptive Game OST by Tobi Weiss

Enjoy the genius weirdness of our Original Sound Track which adapts with gameplay.

Unique Roguelite Endgame

Unlock and continue playing end game activities and compete on the ladders.