The HUB area. A peaceful underground you call Home where you manage your upgrades, skills, weapons and progression.

Weapons Workbench

  • collect 4 weapon parts to assemble a weapon
  • upgrade your weapons to Tier I, II, III
  • each tier unlocks an additional secondary ability
  • secondary ability use requires energy
  • alter your weapon additionally with weapon mods

Mutagen Accelerator

  • collect and research DNA samples to improve your abilities
  • acquire micro-reactors to improve your mutation capabilities
  • mutations acquired are re-swappable at any time once researched
  • mutations have distinct rarities, so choose your load-out wisely
  • improved mutations are upgraded effects and better versions of regular mutations

The Forge

  • upgrade your pickaxe base stats
  • collect and research ore runes to improve your pickaxe abilities
  • imbue your pickaxe with various effects
  • effects are separated in two categories, one applying on regular pickaxe attacks, and the other on pickaxe jump hit ability
  • you can use only one ore rune per category


  • upgrade your character specific skills and abilities
  • choose unique active special abilities at lvl 5, 25, 50
  • you can choose only 1 special ability per threshold, three in total
  • skill categories are locked to certain level thresholds
  • each level up gives 5 skill points to spend
  • choose your build wisely, re-specs cost additional resources
  • hold special ability input action to use special ability 2 & 3

Bio Lab

  • upgrade your character base stats for each stat upgrade you collect and apply
  • you can upgrade each stat to a total of 50 times

Fishy The Fish

  • remember to feed fishy.


  • collect records and expand your record collection
  • swap out OST tracks at any time to listen to your favorite tune while relaxing


  • collect and manage cartridges
  • cartridges you choose affect your build in end of time dungeons
  • cartridges effects apply on a per-run basis, new run – new chances
  • cartridges you have collected in your cartridge collection go into the selection pool
  • cartridges you have not collected don’t, but they have a chance to drop as item for the next run
  • finish end of time dungeon runs to unlock more cartridges
  • find the best build and compete on the official NFC online leader-board